From our Founder and Managing Principal, Alex Gannes -

Are you like most and find yourself saying “I’ll eventually make it happen!!” ??

Are you successful and perhaps successful enough but feel that an extra push would propel you to your "ultimate" potential? 

If you answered "Yes!" ... you are like most of the clients that I coach. 

The process of getting into the groove is different for everyone, but the feeling of meeting your goal is universally (and agreeably) awesome. 

I work with people who are already considered successful by industry standards, they come to me for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's for a soundboard, other times it's far more intensive and requires a full on overhaul...either way, I always begin with asking "What do you want and what is your typical process (the good, the less than great and everything in between)?" It's not about me teaching you how to achieve your goal, it's about me supporting you in a process that will work for you. 

Getting from Point A to S(uccess) is all in the approach.  From my experience successful people typically have these traits in common:

-Highly decisive. 

-Identification of milestones and goals. 

-Honesty around strengths and weaknesses, habits, and tendencies. 

-Accountability and vulnerability to the process. 


It’s easy to define your success solely by the outcome. However, it's our process and accountability to the work that is really worth celebrating. It makes (nearly) anything possible. 

Alex Gannes