Hedge Fund - Quant Researcher


We are always recruiting Quant Researchers for various investment management clients at the hedge fund, family office, asset management and CTA firms across the US, Europe, and Asia. 

  • For Quant Researchers, we look for individuals with strong analytical skills, programming skills, and experience in a systematic, discretionary or hybrid trading environment. 
  • Depending on your seniority, academic qualifications, and asset class specialization(s), we look for individuals with part of, and all of the following 
  • Experience including quantitative and machine learning research, systematic strategy design backtesting and implementation, portfolio construction, portfolio optimization, and the management of systematic models based on alpha signals from various sources including yet not limited to industry papers, economic, financial, trading andalternative data sets. 
  • Our clients work with numerous programming languages, software and databases.

Opportunity ID 11235

Alex Gannes