Contributed by Lauren Gannes


Every year it seems another buzz word related to mindfulness, meditation and connection is being blasted everywhere from corporate to social media feed.  This leads me to believe one thing... all of those years when I was growing up (as an 80's kid) and saw my mother sitting with sunglasses on, in our living room, able to block out the incessant "Mom...? Mom!!... MOMMMMMMMMM!" wasn't just because her selective listening was on point (and clearly expertly honed) but because she had sought haven in the only place where we can truly create and find it... within.

I believe in meditation. I was lucky to have it modeled for me as a child, and sure initially I thought it was odd but I had a metaphysical bridge constructed for me by my mother and highly skeptical but still open-minded father. I have since created my own practice, it isn't perfect, nor is it the most consistent, but it has done for me exactly what I had hoped.

Two things specifically come to mind:

1. It was helped me to chill the BLEEP Out

2. It has created the baseline and norm for what my balanced self feels like- Focused, Patient and Productive to name a few. THIS is what keeps me coming back. When I'm feeling good- I am in a better seat in life. For all things I'm involved with. Period.

I read this article last year and it still resonates.

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Alex Gannes