You may have a gap in your resume for various reasons: travelling, time spent furthering your education, or tending to family business. During your job search, the recruiter is likely to be interested in discussing your resume gap. The great news is that this is a chance for you to present your( New )self and with preparation, you can turn this sometimes-tricky interview question into an opportunity to demonstrate personal growth and intentional career path trajectory.

1.     When you went to earn another degree.

Earning another degree is a great way to broaden your career options and reposition yourself for the next step. Some careers require an additional degree as a right of passage while others begin in the classroom. 

2.     When you went to take care of your family business.

Make sure to mention if you spent time applying relevant skills and/or industry knowledge. Perhaps your profession pause was complimentary to and broadened your skill set. These are all great points and will help add emphasis to your passion about resuming your career.

3.     When health comes first… and you had to step away.

Be comfortable sharing your experience.

Keeping it honest and concise is best. None of us escape life’s circumstances, and you can convert your experience into a badge of strength and commitment to moving forward.

4.     When travel came calling.

A sojourn is always a great idea, especially if you are between roles and forced to sit out for a garden leave or a non-compete. It’s a chance to relax and explore other cultures.

Most hiring managers are accustomed to a travel hiatus, garden leave etc.- Return feeling energized and ready for your next endeavor. 


Reinvent your gap year experience, the benefit application could be what leads you to the next great opportunity. Your recruiter will also support you through this… that’s what we’re here for.

Alex Gannes